Project-Based Expertise

The ATS Teconomy approach to packaging is noted for its proven edge and clear solutions, which lead to efficient and reliable implementation with a guaranteed lead time. We don’t begin from scratch but take a developed approach involving solutions, resources and semi-manufactured products that can be directly used for you as the client. This applies to both the installation and the integration of applications.

The years of experience that ATS Teconomy has accrued with the integration of applications on different operating systems has resulted in a sound approach with guaranteed results in terms of stability and security.

The services developed by ATS Teconomy are based on its infrastructure-specific approach to project implementation.

As part of its  Quality Packaging Services, ATS Teconomy offers solutions in the area of application integration on the basis of MSI packaging and App-V sequencing. Both solutions are deployed depending on the tools used in the ICT infrastructure, whether independently of each other or in a mutually complementary manner.

The content of each solution may be different, but the approach and the supporting process for achieving a result that works are the same.



The Application Integration elements of the ATS Teconomy approach runs through the following QPS-based phases. 

These phases are also available separately as required by the project.



You can always contact us if you have any questions about our project-related services or the possibilities that ATS Teconomy has to offer. Call 085-5000 100 or fill out the contact form.