Deployment is a critical process in the creation and management of a stable and scalable platform. Setting it up is a step that deserves the necessary attention. Choosing the right tooling, building up and maintaining the necessary knowledge of this tooling within your organisation and, of course, setting up the tooling are important aspects of building up your network.

It is often a good idea to use different tools for the various elements in order to create a deployment system that works as effectively as possible.

Whether you work with Microsoft SCCM, Res Automation Manager, Scense, Appsense, Citrix of VMware or perhaps even a combination of them, ATS Teconomy supplies the right expertise to build a stable and scalable deployment solution with these tools.  


Elements of the deployment process

The deployment process has various elements and is actually a process that brings various disciplines together:

  • Operating system deployment
    • Servers
      • Bare Metal
      • Virtual Machines
    • Workspaces
      • Bare Metal
      • Virtual Machines
  • Application deployment
    • Drivers
    • Middleware
    • Client/Server applications
  • Security fixes, hotfixes, patches
  • User profiles and desktop management

Various technical solutions with overlapping functionality are often used for this. ATS Teconomy is in a position to give you an overview of the tooling used and advise you on the correct use of this tooling so that you can make optimal use of it for your objectives.


Advantages of deployment by ATS Teconomy

Having ATS Teconomy set up the deployment process lets you count on:

  • Optimal use of your tooling
  • A stable deployment system
  • A scalable deployment system
  • Optimal knowledge transfer to your management organisation



You can always contact us if you have any questions about deployment within your company or the possibilities that ATS Teconomy has to offer. Call 085-5000 100 or fill out the contact form.