Application Intake

The application intake consists of a number of steps in which the necessary information is collected in order to make a high-quality package.

All of the information needed depends on a number of factors:

  • Type of application
  • Setup of the workspace
  • Type of packaging
  • Setup of back-ends and infrastructure

The collecting of this information and its documentation results in an extensive application file which, apart from making it possible to package the application, also ensures that you have better insight into your application landscape. Mutual application relationships and dependencies on other network components and above all the functionality of the applications become clearer. With the result that you have applications files that can be loaded into your CMDB.

When it comes to migrating applications, e.g. to a new platform, extra steps are needed. However, these steps do not belong to the intake but to a separate phase, which should take place before or after the intake. It is, of course, possible to include these steps in the intake, but to do so will make this phase less easy to plan and harder to predict.

The intake process consists of at least 2 steps: the technical and the functional intake. It’s about documenting the application information needed for packaging.


Technical intake

The first step is the technical intake, which describes the installation and also examines and documents all of the technical aspects of the application.

You will have to consider the following:

  • Back-end dependencies such as application servers and network shares
  • Licence model
  • Type of installation (client/server, network, web, shortcut etc.)
  • Required rights on the workspace and network.
  • Technical test script which describes how it can be tested whether the application has been correctly installed.

This information is essential for  being able to build the package.

Functional intake

This step looks at the functional aspect of the application. A functional test script is created and executed. This is needed because building a package can involve the conversion of an installer, which can lead to a loss of functionality.

The functional intake is therefore primarily intended to show that the installation of the original software works properly in the workspace. By creating a function test script from this, we can repeat this test in the test phase following delivery of the package in order to demonstrate that the package offers the same functionality as the installation of the original software. The functional test script is therefore the acceptance criterion for the package.

This information is essential for  being able to test the package.


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