Our solutions

At ATS Teconomy, we know a lot about everything to do with application packaging. We manage the processes involved in this better than anybody else. It should be pointed out, however, that the application landscape of most organisations is very fragmented. It is made up of various products, based on various technologies, purchased from various suppliers and used by various people. Customers are therefore increasingly asking us to make connections between people, processes and technical implementation.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are in a position to deliver projects quickly and appropriately. There’s nothing better than being able to deliver a project for a fixed price and at the agreed time. We are happy to take on this responsibility.

At ATS Teconomy, you can purchase each phase for a fixed price. To this end, we have specifically developed our Quality Services, which allow us to combine all of our knowledge and expertise in order to produce results quickly.

Our Quality Services comprise the following:


Quality Intake Service (fixed price)

The application intake is the most critical component of the entire package process. It’s important to collect full details about the application in order to be able to create a good package. The more information, the better. Our intake specialists work to a fixed format to get the right information as quickly as possible. When it comes to Quality Intake Service, we take care of everything for you; we perform the functional and technical intake and are responsible for all communication with the application packagers. Read more...


Quality Packaging Service (fixed price)

Working applications are essential for your business. Our project-based and phased approach enables applications to be examined, documented and finally packaged in accordance with industry standards. To ensure that each application runs through the package process as smoothly as possible, ATS Teconomy has developed the Quality Packaging Service. This service ensures that the process runs within the budget and set deadlines. Read more...


Quality Maintenance Service (fixed price)

The maintenance phase is an overarching phase that is intended for the processing of changes and updates to the packaged applications. When processing updates and changes to previously created packages, the history of these packages will be re-used so that the intake, testing and packaging can be performed more quickly. Read more...


Quality Staffing Services

Our specialism is delivery on demand; our specialists can also be used in all phases of an application migration project. From consultancy issues to the setting up, implementation and management of complex application landscapes, all on an operational and strategic level. Read more...



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