Teconomy Workflow Tool

Our Workflow Tool is actively driven and based on the various roles within the package process. It therefore includes checks to ensure that no actions remain incomplete. A fully web-based solution with proven technology and processes matched to the packaging and management of applications.

Report options

A range of ready-made reports can be created and printed at the press of a button.

Real-time management information


menu to search for things such as:

  • Who is working with which application
  • Which applications fall under a certain department.
  • Which applications are in a certain phase.
  • Which applications have a certain status.
  • Which applications are being rolled out and how.

All search results can be easily exported to, for example, a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet.


The Workflow Tool works on the basis that each completed action for one party is an incomplete action for another. In this way, nothing is neglected and each application is traced.

Add application

An application is added by filling in the fields:

  • Vendor
  • Application name
  • Version
  • Language

This combination allows the package portal to describe a naming convention that avoids the duplication of applications. As soon as an application is added, it is automatically included in the package process and assigned to the correct group.

Manage divisions

Various divisions can be created within the Workflow Tool. The most commonly occurring divisions within an organisation are predefined, but dedicated customer-specific divisions can also be used. Each application is assigned to a division.


The Workflow Tool can be accessed via the internet and is suitable for the most commonly used devices. We therefore also make use of a specially developed app.

Linking to an AD structure

The Workflow Tool can be used to choose whether to create a link to an Active Directory structure. This allows information such as rights, groups and users to be read out.


Proper consideration has been given to the area of security, as the Workflow Tool contains sensitive information such as software and licences in the secured environment of the client.


Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about our Teconomy Workflow Tool. Call 085-5000 100 or fill out the contact form.