Frequently asked questions and answers

Where is ATS Teconomy based?

Our offices are in Hoofddorp. Our premises are just a 5-minute drive from the A4.

What kind of people work at ATS Teconomy?

Naturally, all of them have a deep-rooted passion for ICT. In addition, they are all enthusiastic, customer-focused and driven. The informal atmosphere means that everyone is nearby and accessible, even the management. The average age of our staff is 37 years. More than half of them have a higher vocational standard of education or better. And we have a nice mix of motivated starters and experienced specialists.

Does ATS Teconomy also provide activities outside the office?

We like to get to know each other well. That’s why we regularly go for a drink and go on regular outings with the entire company, family and friends.

How can I apply for my kind of position?

You can apply directly via this website! Search the vacancies and use the application form.

How does the job interview run?

We really think of the interview as a way to get to know one another. We want to get a good picture of you. And you will naturally want one of us. That can only happen if we ask about each other’s ins and outs. So don’t be shy to ask whatever comes to mind. We won’t. What are you good at? What are we good at? What kind of person are you? What sort of company is ATS Teconomy? These are the kinds of questions you can expect.

What happens with my open application?

We first see whether we have a proper and suitable position for you now or in the near future. If so, you’ll hear from us right away. If not, we’ll keep your details on file for later. We’ll also tell you about that, of course. And if your requirements and background aren’t a good fit for ATS Teconomy, then we’ll also tell you right away.

I don’t meet the criteria specified for the job. Can I still apply?

Of course! You might actually fit in well at ATS Teconomy. If so, we’ll find a suitable position for you. And we might even see opportunities to train you for a certain position. Call Recruitment for more information: 085-5000 100

Will I get a permanent appointment right away?

We prefer to invest in a long-term relationship. So when you work for us, you’ll be given a permanent contract right away!

Can I contribute to the organisation and policies?

Of course you can. In fact, we expect that from all of our staff. We place creativity and customer-focus high on our list of priorities. Have you got some good ideas and suggestions? Then tell us about them. It’s how we keep each other on our toes!

What are the terms and conditions of service at ATS Teconomy?

We are always trying to improve our terms and conditions to match the market. Feel free to ask about this during the initial interview.

I can’t see my question here. What should I do?

Call Recruitment on tel. 085-5000 100. We’re here to help!